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Stay Positive

Stay Positive

positiveI had a client that spent ten years helping to take care of her elderly mother who lost her vision. While it was time consuming and sad, she noted that it was also a wonderful time. “My mother and I became friends. We talked a lot during the time I spent with her and she was more than just my mom, she was a good friend. We wouldn’t have had that time together had she been healthy, since we both would have gone our separate ways, meeting occasionally to talk.” That attitude switched what might have been a burdensome experience to a pleasant one, which is what staying positive is all about.

Staying positive and fitness.

When people first start a fitness program and fail, they either are extremely positive and upbeat the first week and gradually get more pessimistic as time proceeds or negative right from the start. That’s because real results don’t show overnight. Sure, you’ll feel far better after just a few weeks, but you might not see the difference in your body. People who go into exercising don’t have unrealistic expectations, but they believe it will work and before you know it, it does.

The parable of two towns is a good example of getting what you expect.

A traveler passed a farmer on his way from one town to another. He asked the farmer what the people were like in the next town. The farmer asked him a question before answering. “What were the people like in the last town you visited?” The traveler responded, “They were lovely people with open hearts who shared freely.” The farmer responded, “They are that way in the next town.” A second traveler passed the farmer and asked the same thing. Again the farmer questioned back, “What were the people like in the last town you visited?” The traveler responded, “Horrible people. They were dishonest and unfriendly.” The farmer responded, “They are that way in the next town.” You can see that each person was treated as he expected others to treat him and the farmer knew it. The man who stayed positive got positive results. If you believe you’ll get fitness results, you will

You still have to put in the effort. Even though you have a positive frame of mind, you still have to do the work to get the results. Positive thinking isn’t magic, but a way to enjoy life more.

Once you start your workout regimen, you’ll notice that you feel fantastic after each workout. That’s because exercise burns off the hormones created by stress and replaces them with ones that make you feel great.

The longer you workout, the easier it is to stay positive. Exercise improves your posture so you’ll even look more positive.

As you see results, it’s easy to believe. However, the toughest part is still in the initial phase, when your resolve and positive attitude are all that keeps you going.

Check Your Mindset

Check Your Mindset

New Mindset New ResultsEverything in life has to do with our mindset. How we think about something makes us look forward to it or drag our feet when we have to do it. Think about going to the dentist. You wouldn’t dread the dentist if you only went in for a few minutes, got a good report and maybe got your teeth polished. If you had painful dental work before, you’d dread every visit and put it off as long as possible. If you’re having trouble losing weight, check your mindset first.

Is food your reward or consolation?

If you’ve worked hard or had a major success, do you have a specific food you turn to when you celebrate. If it’s celery or carrots, I’d be surprised, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Some people have comfort foods and most of the time they aren’t ones that make you thin. They range from mashed potatoes to a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Your attitude toward food makes a huge difference in the success or failure of weight loss. It’s time to find some new rewards and a better way to console yourself.

Finding good tasting recipes that are good for you helps.

It’s amazing, but most people eat the same food consistently, more out of habit than anything. Breaking a burger and fry habit is tough. Not because you like it, but because you’re used to the food. That’s why people should find the tastiest foods that are healthy and make small substitutions as they go, such as wild rice instead of white rice, which saves some calories. Before you know it, your tastes will change and you won’t miss those fries at all. (Most of the time people quit eating those foods and crave them, only to find they don’t like them anymore when they do eat them again.)

Think about each movement when you exercise.

The body is a glorious instrument. When you think about all the amazing things it can do, you really start to appreciate it. While you’re doing exercise, think about each movement and how amazing it is that so many different muscles work together to accomplish it. I have one client who loves exercise, not because of the exercise itself, but how it feels so good to control the muscles and what it does for her. She confessed to me that at night when she’s alone, she turns on fast music and dances by herself for hours. She dances for the pure sense of freedom it brings.

You’ll be moving longer and stronger the more you exercise. Not only does exercise help your heart, it helps your balance and flexibility. The more you workout, the longer you’ll be able to workout and to do everyday tasks too.

You’ll build more energy the more you workout. If the feeling and enjoyment of movement isn’t your primary goal. Think about how great it is to be able to do more without tiring. You’ll notice a difference quickly.

Burn off those hormones created by stress. Doctors may prescribe anti-anxiety pills, but exercise can help even more. The best part is that the only side effect is a healthier and better looking body.

You’ll sleep better at night. A good night’s sleep not only helps you face the world refreshed and boosts your attitude, it also is good for the heart and helps you resist sweets for an energy boost.